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CAL-QUAKE Construction, Inc. has specialized in earthquake retrofitting in the California for over 30 years.

As a result of requests from several engineers; we began retrofitting commercial and residential properties for earthquake preparedness. At that time, in order to have an easily remembered name, and a name that highlighted our specialty and expertise; we created CAL-QUAKE Construction, Inc.

We partnered with the Structural Engineers Association (SEA). The (SEA) had been commissioned by the City of Los Angeles to create standards for retrofitting. Since that time, CAL-QUAKE Construction, Inc. has retrofitted and/or done correctional foundation work on over 10,000 properties throughout California.


Shelly PerlussShelly Perluss
Joseph Goldberger
Chief Executive Officer
john tafernerJohn Taferner
Chief Operations Officer




490 Skyline Drive
Daly City, 94105